The Real Value Deal: A Simple Recipe for Career Fulfillment

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

These days, we all are looking for value deals everywhere! We are not as quick to spend our money or time unless we are absolutely sure that it is well worth it. The same holds true for our profession. As Project Managers, some of us are searching for the value deal in our careers. We spend a great amount of time, money, effort and energy to realize a valuable return. The return can be money, success, career growth, just to name a few. Although these are awesome returns, I believe the greatest return you can receive is fulfillment. This is what I consider to be the “real” value deal! Well, get your appetites ready – I have a simple recipe for fulfillment just for you!

Every recipe begins with a list of ingredients. Each ingredient is unique and adds its own character to the recipe. Likewise, you are unique and gifted with specific talents and skills that add value to your organization and community. The first key to fulfillment is to know your personal value. Your personal value is intrinsic. You are born with it! Your personal value is revealed through your purpose and passion. The bottom line is: What do you bring to the table that no one else does? Take a personal inventory and ask yourself, “What are you good at AND what are you good for?” The first question is about doing. The second question is about being.

Every recipe has instructions on how to measure and use each ingredient. If you took one ingredient and didn’t use it according to the measurement or instructions given, the recipe would fall apart. Likewise, there cannot be disparities between your purpose, passion and career. Therefore, the second key to fulfillment is to align your personal value with your profession. Projects can be perfect value opportunities for you. Here are a few suggestions to make the alignment: (1) Pursue projects that interest you or that you are passionate about. This is where you will thrive and not just survive! (2) On any project, find ONE thing that interests you and put your heart into it. If it doesn’t exist, create it! You might as well make lemonade out of lemons! (3) If the value opportunity is not at work, it can be found in your community! Volunteer your time and talents toward a good cause. Remember, true value opportunities are always a win-win!

Although every recipe has key ingredients and instructions, you won’t get the final result until you mix the ingredients together! In the same manner, you and I can’t achieve total fulfillment by ourselves! Therefore, the last key to fulfillment is to value others. As a project manager and leader, relationships are the key to success. Teamwork and collaboration is at the very heart of what you do. Always recognize and appreciate the value that others bring to the table. Treat every team member, stakeholder and anyone involved in your projects as a valued customer!

The outcome of this recipe is simple:
Know your personal value, align your personal value with your profession and value others! You will enjoy unlimited servings of fulfillment!

Bon Appetit!

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