PDUs2Go 2009: The nostalgia of 8 Colorful Characters and a journey of their minds

Thousands flocked to the site in August of 2007 to experience the Portable & Affordable™ Self-Paced courses and a new way to earn & learn™ with the nostalgia of a cast of 8 Colorful Characters and a journey of their minds

Press Release
Published: 8:24PM EST 17 Aug 2009

Two years ago, over thirty frenzied days of an exciting launch party, a new website became the centre of the attention with an extraordinary lineup of courses, which ultimately changed the history of the way PMPs earned PDUs.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt), Author of Optimize Your Thinking™ and the infamous Pizza Party™ launched these two courses, which had been recognized as GREATEST HITS among her corporate clients since 2005.

Unlike the original launch party in 2007, there was little frenzy among the thousands of the PMP customers but they still flock to buy these original GREATEST HITS. At the original launch, an unexpectedly large number of PMPs joined our community and tried our unheard of offer of 2.5 PDUs for $1 and referred their friends around the world.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt) – Founder of PDUs2Go.com opened the 2nd Birthday Party on August 1 with the Birthday Bundle, the complete collection of all courses available since the original launch, and David Nour threw in yet another new FREE gift for our customers – Social Networking Best Practices on Twitter.

Customers today still load their iPhones and iPods, self-consciously downloading courses with a simple click of a button, invoking a distant memory of the cost and inconvenience of traditional course room and online training.

It all started two years ago with two courses – Optimize Your Thinking™ and the infamous Pizza Party™, globally recognized now as GREATEST HITS of PDUs2Go.com. Who knew that the nostalgia of 8 Colorful Characters and a journey of their minds along with a simple dish that every kid [and, project team] loves would start such a trend.

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