Never be “Too Busy” for Your Project Management Relationships!

by David Nour

project manager relationshipsWhen I hear someone say they’re too busy, you know what that means? That it’s not important enough. Think about it – we make time for things that are important. Most people I know took time during the holidays to appreciate their time with loved ones. We make time to return calls to some people but not others. We make time to meet with some people but not others. We make time to respond to emails by some people not others. Most of our day is about choices. I would submit, it’s also about the relationships we choose to invest in.

Personal relationships like us for who we are, warts and all. Functional relationships are the ones we put up with because we have to – let’s be honest, some of our colleagues, clients, or vendors. Strategic relationships elevate your thinking, enhance your perspective, help you see further or reach greater heights than you can imagine – in your personal and professional growth as a PMP project manager. So, regardless of what else you have scheduled on a calendar, always make time for your strategic relationships. You just never know when that one coffee visit, lunch meeting, or invite to come and speak to a group of executives could turn out to be the best decision you’ve made all year!

After all, we’re all busy!

What project management relationships have you neglected in 2011 that it’s time you prioritized and invested in 2012?

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