Making a Difference—The Last 5 Minutes

By Mac M. Martirossian, CPA

The world around us has changed; the global workforce has shrunk and the survivors of the worldwide reduction in employment ranks are being asked to do more.  Two ways of viewing the “global chill”-threat or opportunity?

In this author’s view, it is the latter, provided you are prepared to make an investment in yourself and your future.  The current environment allows for the top performers to truly rise to the occasion. Here is a roadmap:

  • Find out who is inside you. Instead of being anxious about all that is happening around you, STOP and take time for some introspection and determining who you really are. What are you passionate about? Does that passion match your reputation at work? Are there elements in your background that differentiate you from your peers? Who is the real person inside you.
  • Develop a Personal Brand. Before you can make a difference in your organization, develop a unique Brand that delivers on the promise of who you are. Bring to life your past accomplishments, quantifiable results, and your competencies.
  • Get better at what you do. In order to take on new responsibilities, to venture out into unchartered waters, you need to get a lot more efficient at the daily routine. Self improvement requires a time commitment. Less energy on e-mails; more on identifying a better business process that saves the company the cash it so desperately needs right now.
  • Focus on the 80/20. Change your mindset from a “processor” (that is what you do 8 out of 10 hours a day) to a “thought leader” (the 2 hours a day when you MAKE A DIFFERENCE). Similar to a work out on the treadmill—the first 25 minutes, your body has gotten used to the pounding and is not responding quite as ambitiously to burning calories as the last 5 minutes of that workout. Get the routine at work done faster, then devote your time to adding value to the enterprise.

I know what you are thinking…..this all makes sense….why am I reading this article?  Maybe.  You see, we are all human and while our intentions are good, these getting aspects often get in the way:

o    What’s in it for me?
o    Fear of stepping out of our comfort zone
o    Compensation
o    Pointing to everyone else who is not making a difference

Here is the good news.  These are common reactions.  The challenge is being different.  There are many examples of making a difference, but few instances of getting into an entirely new area of the business or a separate function all together.  Can you see a Project Manager involved in creating an internet micro-site for their enterprise?  How about working on a team to develop a marketing promotional campaign that will yield high returns at a moderate cost?

It can be done and is done-by what this author calls “High Octane Performers”.

Find out what if you are a High Octane Performer by signing up for Making a Difference.

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