Keeping Energy High During Business Storms

By Dr. Bob Rausch, PhD.

Keeping energy high and refueling others are imperative in business, especially during times when people are being asked to do more with less. A colleague stated it this way: “It seems we’re at a point where we just ‘suck it up’ and keep on truckin’ … no matter how flat our tires or how little gas is in the tank.” I agree in principle, we do have to keep on truckin’; however, while we’re truckin’, we need to be particularly sensitive to how we use personal and enterprise energy. During difficult times it is critical not to waste energy on what appear to be negative circumstances. Focusing on the present circumstances can create a lot of fear, frustration, and energy drain. Although it may be difficult to do so in unfavorable times, you need to see what can be done differently. This was brought home to me clearly during one of my personal storms. A colleague asked how I was doing, and I said, “Fine, under the circumstances.” His response was, “Well, what are you doing under there?” He was right-I was wasting a lot of energy focusing on the circumstances. Here are a few ways to keep energy high when you find yourself in a storm.

Focus on Positive Expectations. We get what we expect. As a leader, you must clarify your expectations and continue to do so every single day. Sometimes people have to think their way into a new way of behaving. There is power and energy in thinking clearly about success. Unclear thinking and foggy mental image are bummers when it comes to being optimistic and having high enterprise energy. I suggest reviewing your purpose and expectations for your business daily.

Maintain a Strong Belief System. Whatever you believe with strong emotion becomes your reality.

As a leader, you are not limited to what you think you can do, but by what you think you can’t. Self-limitation is not based on reality but on a negative belief system that drains enterprise energy.

Be Conscious of the Present. Living in the present with positive thoughts and actions will energize you to achieve results in the future. It’s what you do today that determines tomorrow’s achievements. The oldest book in the world says it this way: “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your heart.”

Persevere Daily. Leaders who succeed never stop trying. Leaders who stop trying never succeed. I like what BC Forbes said: “Diamonds are only lumps of coal that stuck to their jobs.” An anonymous writer said it this way: “Nothing is less important than the score at half time.” It’s not over until it’s over. Do something every day that adds energy to your life and to those who work with you.

Substitute Positive Thoughts for Negative Thoughts. Keep in mind that energy doesn’t care how it’s used. When you find yourself using energy for negative thoughts, fear, or frustration, refocus it on positive thoughts. You will use less energy thinking and behaving positively, and we feel a lot better.

Expect Positive Outcomes. I love this one. Circumstances turn out best for leaders who make the best of circumstances. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to, and sometimes you have a sense of loss, but focusing on the solution rather that the circumstance creates a positive outcome.

Focus on Personal Worth. Don’t beat yourself up. Others will take care of that. Thinking that you’re a failure, you’re too old, and you’re not smart enough all are energy defuelers. Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. When you try to be like someone other than who you are, you waste the person you truly are.

Surround Yourself with Positive People. Surround yourself with people who view the world and success in a positive way. Negative people are energy drainers. You wouldn’t park your brand-new car next to one that has cardboard in the windows and dents all over it, would you? So don’t park your life next to a person who has nothing to lose.

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