IT’S A HIT! Korean TV Embraces Introverted Leaders!

We feel as if we keep great company with our world-class set of Authors who contribute to PDUs2Go and make their courses available online to help keep your PDUs up-to-date. The following item confirms this fact. Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D. was recently interviewed by Korea’s educational TV station.  Below is her story and the final video.

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I was contacted by EBS, Korea’s educational TV station to participate in a documentary on personality. I agreed to serve as an expert and invited some “real lifers” to share the stage.

It was an enlightening experience and though there were challenges such as translation disconnects and pre-production snafus, we all learned a great deal. More importantly, the show hit a nerve with viewers. One student wrote to Kim Bui, CNN Producer who is featured in the segment:

“I just wanted to thank you for letting me awaken myself. Your statement that it is a mistake for an introverted person to identify oneself as an extroverted person made me literally cry…”

Kim is a successful introverted leader. Listen to how she uses her strengths to lead and hear from her team why her quiet approach is so effective in the fast paced CNN environment. Kim says, “all of the activities I do to recharge myself, are activities I do by myself.”

Another key player is Laurie Nichols, Non-Profit CEO, who is so articulate in describing her experience of not fitting in as an introvert. Laurie talks about how she learned to overcome perceptions of being “devious” and “negative”

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