How do You Prepare for Next Year as a Project Manager?

It’s no surprise that things slow down as the end of the year approaches. Well-deserved vacations and days off are a welcome change from our hectic routines. It’s also a time to clean-up, gear-up, and step-up for the beginning of next year. It gives us the opportunity to clean off our desktops (both literal as well as our computers), and catch-up on paperwork and administrative tasks that may have been neglected.

What are some of the things you do as a Project Manager to close out this year and prepare for the next?

2 Responses to “How do You Prepare for Next Year as a Project Manager?”

  1. Darren Poore says:

    As a new Project Manager, I am using the final days of the year to review my customers requirements and goals for current and upcoming projects. It helps to take advantage of the “down time” to make sure I am focusing my team’s efforts in the right direction and identify any necessary course corrections before we come back to “hit it hard.” I am also taking the time to brush up on the latest management tools and tips to help continue the never-ending necessary process improvements.

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