How Do You Give Negative Feedback to Your Team Members?

We all love to tell people on our teams that they’ve done a great job. It’s great catching them doing something right! That’s easy, fun, and just makes everyone feel good. But, what do you do when you catch people doing something…wrong? Maybe they missed a deadline, or the quality of their work was below par, or maybe their attitude just needs a bit of adjusting.

Whenever I have to deal with the above situations, I like to deal with them in a timely manner and head on. I’d love to hear your approach to providing negative feedback. What works, what doesn’t, and how do you provide this type of feedback without demoralizing or estranging those people on your team?

One Response to “How Do You Give Negative Feedback to Your Team Members?”

  1. You owe it to your people to help them improve their skills. You do this by building on strengths. For example, suppose an employee is taking extra care to ensure a project is flawless, even though the project would be fine if he moved onto something else when he was 80 percent there. Compliment the employee on his attention to detail and then highlight why it would be in his best interest to work more quickly.

    Roberta Matuson
    Human Resource Solutions

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