How Do You Bring Clarity, Focus and Closure to Your Projects?

Part of the value a Project Manager brings to the table is their innate ability to bring Clarity, Focus, and Closure to a project.  Sure, Project Managers are involved in all aspects of managing the scope, time, resources, risk, communication, etc. that a project needs, however, we should never lost sight of these three words.

Here’s why:

Clarity – It is crucial that everyone understand what is being built (to the absolute best of our ability) prior to it being started. Then, once everything starts, it is even more important to remove confusion and ambiguity the moment they raise their ugly heads.  Nothing is more frustrating than having different groups of people working in opposite directions and realizing that rework needs to be done. Time is lost, morale is decreased and profits evaporate.

Focus – Everyone is distracted. Extreme multiple demands on limited resources is the norm nowadays. No sooner than you’ve secured resources to work on your project, somebody else is making a pitch to the Resource Manager for those same resources to work on their project as well. To keep things on track a PM needs to fight to keep their resources dedicated. Then, we need to continue to remove distracting obstacles that can cause resources (aka people) to lose focus.

Closure – Why is it that the last 10% of a project takes nearly as long to complete as the first 90%?  I do know that the very first question I ask when I undertake a new project is “what do we need to do to close this project out?”

Future postings will drill down into some of the things that can be done in each of these areas to bring Clarity, Focus and Closure to a project. In the meantime, I’d like to hear your thoughts on these three words. Anything you would add? What are some of the things you’ve done to bring Clarity, Focus and Closure to your projects? And…what are some of the things you do to wrap up that last 10%?

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