How Can You Turn (Insert Your Name Here) into a Figure of Speech?

One definition for a figure of speech is the use of symbolic or metaphorical language to convey an idea. For example, you may say you have butterflies in your stomach, or you are going to give somebody a piece of your mind. Both expressions convey so much, with so little spoken.

So, how can you turn your name into a figure of speech that conveys so much, with so few words being spoken? How can you get to the point where someone says “we need to do a <Your Name> to this project, or “we need a <Your Name> in order to finish this up”?

You only need to do two things to turn your name into a figure of speech.

1)      Stand for Something. What are you passionate about in your career as a Project Manager? Quality? Efficiency? Productivity? Hitting Dates? Hitting Budgets? Something else? Define what this is and then NEVER COMPROMISE when it comes to what you stand for. You will soon get to the point that when this topic comes up, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about your opinion or the decision you will make…whether you are in the room or not.

2)      Deliver. You can’t talk the talk and not walk the walk. Do whatever it takes to deliver on what you stand for. NO EXCEPTIONS. This means that extra-ordinary effort will need to be applied to your activity. You can’t expect your name to be converted into a figure of speech with effort that is only ordinary.

Once you stand for something and deliver time and again, the transformation of your name begins to occur.  Here is a typical scenario of what happens. A meeting with Executives is being held where, let’s say, the topic of Quality comes up. This just so happens to be one of your passions as a Project Manager. Someone says, “Hey, doesn’t <Your Name> specialize in Quality management?” Of which, someone else replies with “Yes, we just finished a Quality initiative up and it turned out great. <Your Name> really delivered.”

The final statement is…”All I know is that we need to do a <Your Name> to this project.” The transformation is complete!

What have you done that would convert your name into a figure of speech that says so much with so few words?

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