Get All The Liars In The Room At The Same Time

“He said-she said” – the bane of a Project Manager’s existence. Anytime you get two or more parties involved in a project, it can succumb to the “he said-she said” dilemna. “I thought they were supposed to do that.” “I told them I couldn’t get to that until later. I guess they didn’t tell you.” “This has changed! Everybody knew that.”

Deflection is a common trait. It’s easy to blame somebody else in order to make yourself look good, but at some point this has to stop, especially when it comes to managing and delivering your projects successfully. The solution?  Enter the conference call!

The Conference Call is the greatest invention since the Gantt chart. As one associate so eloquently put it. “Get all the liars on the phone at the same time.” This is the opportunity to discuss the issues objectively, minimize finger pointing, and squash the pervasive “he said-she said.” The Conference Call also allows you to remove yourself from getting caught in the middle of interpreting or translating what one group said to another.

The benefits of the Conference Call (a.k.a “getting all the liars on the phone at the same time”) are threefold:

  1. The Truth Comes Out. Objective facts are presented, and if they are not right, they can be refuted and corrected by the other people on the phone. Eventually the truth will come out.
  2. The Root Cause Can be Identified. Based upon the truth discovered in #1 above, the real problem can be identified. Is it technology? Is it communication? Is it missed expectations? Now you know what you are working with.
  3. The Solution can be Determined. Not only can the best path be identified and defined, but ownership can be assigned on the spot.

So, get all the liars on the phone at the same time! You’ll be thrilled at how easily your problems are resolved.

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