An E-Mail that Makes Us Feel Great!

Below is an E-mail I received about a customer’s recent experience with PDUs2Go.  Thanks for your kind words, Janice!

Date: March 9, 2010 7:26:53 PM EST

Subject: Re: The perfect Valentine’s Day gift. $10 per PDU just for You

Hi Jennifer,
This is an overdue “thank you” for the wonderful program and courses you offer on After I spoke with you, I tried the Optimum Thinking 2.5 credits, $1.00 class to test it and I enjoyed it very much. However, I overanalyzed things as I tend to do and decided I needed to brush up on my “hard skills” not “soft skills”. I confess that I went to another vendor for a Microsoft Project online class and a Finance class. To say it did not go well is an understatement! To the owner’s credit he called to discuss the issues but in short, I didn’t get a welcome email telling me how to login to the download their program, then I had technical issues downloading it because of a “firewall issues”, then it turned out to be their server went down, then the format of the class was not as I hoped with a “pre-test” and then the actual quiz not relating to the material. I requested a refund (which I did get again to their credit) and I went back to you and did the Wisdom bundle and the EQ program – both were excellent! I will use the information I learned both personally and professionally.
Thank you again! I look forward to the next class…

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