6 Ways to Build an Effective Project Team

Of all the hats that a project manager wears, building a team is an important one. It is only with an effective team that we are able to drive the project through to completion.  But, there are myriads of variables that go into making up an effective team. Some variables you have control over, most you don’t.

It’s up to you as a project manager to take each and every opportunity you have to build the team with those areas that you can control. The following 6 Cs would be a good starting point for you to pull together an effective team:

Communication – Communication is critical to building an effective team. Sharing thoughts, ideas and real -time information is a must for team members and stakeholders coming into a team. We communicate mainly through speaking, writing, but also with signs like the emoticons used on mobile devices.

Collaboration – Collaboration is useful in the creation, development and delivery of a solution, product or service.  All team members need to be jointly involved in giving information and actually delivering the result.  The goal is not to have everyone shake their head ‘yes’ and agree with you, but rather to provide honest and insightful feedback on what can be done to make things better.

Cooperation – Cooperation is important to reaching an end goal. When everyone is agreeably assisting each other, we go a lot further than if we are just working alone or in our silos. This is a challenging area as some team members would rather work alone. It’s your responsibility to pull them into the group so they can both contribute and benefit from those around them.

Commitment – It’s very important for your team members to be committed to the project, engagement, deliverable or phases at all levels, not just the project manager. We like to think of commitment as similar to how we pledge, engage or give of ourselves to philanthropic causes.  In a
team, we commit ourselves not only to the cause, but to our fellow team members and stakeholders as well.

Consensus –   As you know, it’s very difficult for everyone to agree. But for a project to go far, team members must comply with, permit, allow, agree or approve the approach.

Celebrating –  We want to acknowledge and celebrate project achievements frequently. Some projects are very long, with milestones far off.  Being timely about rewarding accomplishments keeps everyone energized and engaged in the whole project.

These six Cs are hallmarks of effective teams. Do whatever you can to make sure you focus on these 6 areas and you will quickly an easier path toward project completion.

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