5 Ways to Accelerate Project Success

Are you looking for a Project Manager that will lead a project to success? The following is a list of 5 behaviors that great project managers exhibit that you can use in your search.

#1 – Diplomacy. Project managers really need an understanding of the environment and system, and to know how to work with not only team members and stakeholders, but also different organizations internal or external to the project.

#2 – Commitment to task. Staying committed to getting things done keeps the project on time and on task, and deliverables completed.

#3 – Team building. It’s critical to keep the team engaged, committed and collaborating so that deliverables move forward and the project stays on track.

#4 – Reading the system.  It takes skill to not only read the system of all the environments and groups involved, but also to determine whether or not people are engaged. If people aren’t engaged in the project, they will be unwilling to give accurate, timely information and more than likely will not get their deliverables completed.

#5 – Organization and planning.  A project manager must be able to organize and plan projects effectively.

In addition to these five critical behaviors, there are two equally important tools:

Methodology. It’s very important that a project manager has experience using a system or methodology of approach, and can document and communicate it to the team. People need to know what’s going to occur, when, where and how.

Techniques. With project experience we add tools and techniques to our tool belt. Those techniques are very beneficial for a project manager to share and pull out at specific times.

While the above lists are not exhaustive, they do provide a good indicator of success if a project manager possesses these skills and tools.

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