3 Ways to Renew Your Sense of Child-like Wonder as a PMP Project Manager!

by David Nour

child of wonder PMPThe Nour kids have been attending an amazing local camp by the Museum of Design Atlanta to design and build robots from LEGOs. The two of them can’t stop talking about it and having visited their final creations, it reminded me of the child-like wonder in all of us. My question of you is when do we lose that? Why do we lose that? How can we get it back? And most importantly, how can we infuse it in our purpose, work, and relationships in 2012?

Here are 3 ideas:

Get or Find Passion in What You’re Doing

If you don’t have it today, make it your mission in 2012 to find it. Really find it, ideally within the team and organization you’re in right now. If not, find it somewhere else, because I don’t believe passion is something you can’t teach, learn, or live without – for very long! Because so much of our waking hours is spent at work, around work, doing work, thinking about work, if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, it’s going to be very difficult for you to do your best, excel at it, advance in it, elevate yourself above the noise about it, differentiate yourself from others doing it, or see the bigger purpose from it.

Do it With People You Respect, Like, Trust, or Otherwise Get Enjoyment from Being Around

I’ve spent the last decade becoming a student of business relationships. If no one else will tell you this, let me say it – mean people suck, downers will suck every ounce of energy out of you, and the naysayers are just downright depressing to be around! Those who constantly fire hose great ideas, have never had a decent idea of their own. Surround yourself with fun, engaging, innovative, upbeat people who will push you to think, grow, try new ideas, be bold, fail, try again, help pick you up when you fall down, cheer you up, and cheer you on. You may not always like each other or agree on everything. But build in your relationships with others and demand from them respect, trust, and candor.

Find a Bigger Purpose

Most of us are so buried in the minutia of the day that we lose sight of our “WHYs!” Why are you doing this project, why are you a part of this team, why are you chasing this deal, why are you reaching out to this new market, why do you do what you do? Don’t give me textbook answers like I’m trying to make money and pay my bills – there are a million ways you can do that. Why THIS job, company, role, realm of responsibilities? How are you growing, learning, becoming a better manager, leader, human being? Particularly when it comes to your portfolio of relationships, people you CHOSE to invest in will determine your direction and ultimately define your destination. So chose them wisely, invest in them intently, and bridge your relationship creation efforts to relationship capitalization to reach your purpose!

In 2012, I’m setting aside an hour a day to play! It can be board or online games with my kids, it can be gaming sites I find online, or gaming applications I read about and explore online. Who has time, right? I’d submit, you can’t afford NOT to regain that child-like wonder and what better ways to grow – personally and professionally, than to force yourself to become curious!

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