Embrace Management … Not Madness

by MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

While we may all enthusiastically anticipate and enjoy the excitement of collegiate basketball’s March Madness, we most likely expect our projects and programs to sustain a more controlled delivery and finish!

The journey to perfection in any undertaking requires continuous application or practice of fundamental, basic techniques or moves.

Project and Program Management (PM) best practices enable successful, effective and efficient delivery of quality products and services…. products and services that meet or even exceed stakeholders’ functional specifications and performance expectations!

As you develop the game plan, and continuously monitor progress for your project or program, diligently apply PM best practices.

Starting with the end-in-mind and the principles of PM Vitamin C6®, produce and provide the following critical PM best practices deliverables not only for effective management, but also to ensure continuous stakeholders’ communications, collaboration, cooperation, commitment, consensus and celebration throughout the lifecycle of the project or program.

Critical PM Deliverable PM Process-Group Management Benefit
Deliverables Diagram Initiating Succinctly, clearly and unambiguously define the products or services that will be produced or provided.
Bodacious WBS Planning Promote forthright, collaborative, comprehensive and unambiguous implementation and delivery proess.
Product or ServiceD5-Lifecycle tasks Executing Successful and proficient completion of definition, design, development, deployment and departure tasks to deliver quality products and  services
Earned ValueAnalysis / Technique (EVA/EVT) Reports Monitoring & Controlling Objective, succinct, effective and efficient progress reports providing progress status, as well as documented justification for required PM-changes,
Human Resources Performance/Development Reports Executing, Monitoring & Controlling Optimize individual and team performance by recognizing/rewarding desired performance; and providing professional development for improvement opportunities.
Archived Documents Closing Continuous process improvement (CPI) to sustain effective methods and procedures; and eliminate or enhance ineffective processes and procedures.

In addition, managing project and programs using PM best practices … to ensure you are defining all required tasks, and performing these critical activities tasks in the appropriate sequence…. significantly reduces and ultimately eliminates the rework associated with “ready, fire, aim”!

And providing the shortest time-frame or shortest distance between the beginning and completion… the two critical points…of your project or program, PM best practices is the straight line management approach to products and services delivery!

Achieve your “win” of a successfully completed project or program through rigorous application or PM best practices…

Embrace Management…. Not Madness!

Professional Note:

To successfully apply PM best practices using effective management methods and procedures; and efficient and proficient management tools, templates and techniques, check-out ESPM (Enterprise  Standards for Project/Program Management) and other self-directed PM-courses on PDUs2Go.com.

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